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[Banza case]: “Mamin Dom”. Multifunctionality of ChatBot

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Due to the multifunctionality of the business, the customer can't simultaneously get acquainted with the range of services and goods in one place. Information about offers and promotions is located in different channels. Analytics doesn't have an unified interface.


Create a multifunctional chat bot constructor with the ability to scale, while the tool should be as convenient as possible and with an understandable interface so that the Client's employees can use it without involving a developer. This will significantly reduce the processing time.


For the task that the client set for us, we decided to use Banza ChatBot Constructor on a low-code platform. Thus, the Client can directly set up business processes, without the involvement of specialists. By adjusting and modification it along with changing needs of the business.

At the stage of choosing a system, we were looking for a contractor who develops low-code constructors. Since our company is actively growing and constantly changing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for us. Banza's chatbot constructor and its low-code capabilities allowed our small team to complete almost all of the tasks in-house.

Nataliya NozhenkoMamin Dom, analyst

First results of implementation chat bot for “Mamin Dom” 


Profit growth

Clients don't get lost along the way. When ordering one service, they see the whole offer and get access to others


Customers receive offers for discounts and specials, which increases the number of orders and brand loyalty


Is in one place. Due to the constructor, there is no need to collect data from different channels


The custormers choose by theirselves a convenient messenger for communication and ordering


Is operational now. And customized to analyze the most important client requests


The client is independent of the IT department, at any time it's possible to reconfigure processes inside the lowe-code

It was😔


🔸didn’t have single channel, which would unite all areas of business

🔸difficulty in converting data across the board, absence of operational analytics

🔸difficulties in setting up processes of end consumers with a wide variety of systems

It became😃


🔸all business channels (websites, social networks, etc.) are now combined in an unified chat bot.

🔸analytics in all directions is collected automatically and loaded in a system

🔸systems are configured by the Client’s team doesn’t require effort and a lot of time

I would like to note the high interest of the analyst by the client, who enthusiastically plunged into the solution and set up the entire business process independently. Her feedback on some non-obvious nuances of the work, helped us to improve the functionality of solution. Such a deep immersion in the process of creating a bot helped us to start the project very quickly!

Маxim KarashaBanza, Head of Development Department


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