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Banza Gamification reached the final of HR-Pro!

By August 28, 2021September 7th, 2021No Comments

Yahoo! We passed a stage of selection and reached the final with Banza game in the nomination “Digital work environment within the framework Ukrainian Annual Award for HR-professional of HR Pro.

Why is our project worthy of the award?

This is a real Digital-HR #madeinUkraine! Introduce Monobank internally. With assignments, awards, analytics. And all this in an easy and convenient interface, both for the user and for the administrator. Web and mobile version. IMPORTANT! The system is scalable, and UX/UI can adapt to any areas and business goals. Whether it's internal or external communications.

Max KarashaArchitect of Banza Game

The main feature of effective HR is the ability to create adaptive interaction tools. So that the transition, for example, from offline to online quarantine does not become a collapse for business, and for employees – a reason to feel lonely. This is how I came up with the idea to build a gamification system for the team using our Low-code technologies.

HR PRO — it's about increasing the value and competitiveness of the HR profession in Ukraine, finding new tools which support and growth all talents of companies. The HR-community in Ukraine is a huge and powerful. And it's so important to note teams for achievements in the profession. Therefore, the work of one HR gives a push to others.

Head of Supervisory Board Ukrainian Association HRProKateryna Kovalevska

And while we wait for victory, watch what the team says about the project

Humanity + automation is the basis for the development and achievement of business goals. HR is always about inspiration and emotional return. And if some of the emotions can be automated, wouldn't that save human resources? The results speak for themselves.

Yulia KudritskayaHR Director Banza

Increased engagement

Employee loyalty

Recognition on Dou

We have already embedded the most popular mechanics and settings. At the same time: filling, appearance, UX/UI can adapt to any spheres and goales of the business. Whether internal or external communications.

Darya TkachAnalyst of Banza Game

We wanted to unite all employees in one place. Banza Game is suitable for everyone. Whether you are an introvert or you love being the lighter of the team, it doesn't matter, you can top the leaderboard. And for me, as an administrator, it is very easy to manage the game, tasks, verify completed ones or create new ones both from the computer and from the phone, even with the help of a chat bot.

Olga ChornobrovHR Generalist Banza

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