Ready-made digital complex for growth through the emotional involvement of the audience

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For Customers

Loyalty program

with game mechanics, challenges, quests

Involves emotionally

to participate and create an order, participate in activation


to repeat purchases, increase in the average check, loyalty

For Team

Formes the climate

pleasant for the team, growth of team spirit

Intangibly motivates

increases the level of team engagement and loyalty

Increases efficiency

through understanding of a single overall result, simplifies adaptation

Suggest tasks to complete

  • Adaptable to the tasks of your business

  • Every task consist of own conditions and “cost” of implementation

Customize your reward

  • Points

  • Completion rewards

  • Non-material incentives

Analyze with convenient dashboards

  • Rating and history for an individual user

  • Aggregated analysis and full control for the game admin

Motivate with benefits 

  • Online store with products, spend accumulated points or buy what you like for money

  • It can be emotional pleasures and products for material motivation.

What is included in Banza Gamification digital complex?

UI constructor

Plan the optimal structure for your business tasks in connection with CRM without unnecessary integrations. Banza UI Constructor allows you to embed any elements into the interface, such as schedules or widgets

Web-based game platform

Provide customers with the best conditions for online interaction with you 24/7, without reference to locations. PWA technologies will provide convenient using from a computer and smartphone

Built-in CRM Creatio

Manage the catalog of tasks and rewards, mechanics, have always up-to-date data in the system and set up personalized communications

Options for launching your gamification

Purchase a Ready Product

Ready to use

01. Installation. We launch the ready product, which already includes the user’s site + CRM administrator

02. Training. We provide training on system management for your responsible employees

03. Activation. Launch customized mechanics and optionally adapt the content as you see fit in an intuitive interface

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Order Custom Development


01. Research. We explore your business, industry, competitors, audience, tasks and business goals  you want to achieve

02. UX / UI. We fix the functionality and structure, develop a user-interface that directs users to conversion

03. Configuration. We create a website, application or chat bot with the possibility of further adaptation. We’ll remind, CRM is already built in

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Why you have to trust us an implementation of gamification?

Ready product

take and adapt for yourself easily

Team involvement

We share our expertise

Non-template development

User-friendly design for your tasks

Test access

Monitor the result in a real time

Training and support

Consulting, mentoring and technical support

Transparent conditions

Contract with guarantee and obligations

Technologies for growth

Low-code technologies

Unload your IT department. Adapt the interface, launch promotions, manage analytics and other tasks without a developer

Minimum integrations

Don’t worry about integrating your web platform with CRM. We did it for you. Get a built-in business management system


Accelerate the rate of your business without limits. The complex already provides horizontal and vertical scaling, system fault tolerance

Add emotions to your business, it's profitable!