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Banza partner – Softclub has developed a cryptocurrency exchange service BYNEX

Our partner Softclub – an international provider of solutions for automating banking processes and solving complex integration problems, has developed a digital platform on the basis of which the BYNEX (operator – ERPBEL company). In July 2021, a cryptocurrency exchange service was launched, which allows you to exchange bitcoin, litecoin for any currency.

Who is BYNEX for and why use it?

• Simple one-click exchange
• All transactions are carried out on one BYNEX platform
• Safe and reliable transactions with 100% withdrawal.

How does the service work?

1. The direct crypto exchange service works by analogy with online currency exchangers.
2. You need to select a digital token and fiat currency between which the exchange will be made, enter the desired amount and click “exchange”.
3. On the screen during input, the final cost of the transaction will immediately be displayed, in which all commissions and fees have already been taken into account. What is very convenient.
4. On the exchange, you will see the final amount of the transaction only after its completion.