All-in-One e-Commerce Solution

Ready digital-complex for quick start of online sales of any scale.

Cross online effectively

Forget about of  different integrations, get a single solution to launch an online store, self-service portal, and other web platforms – All-in-One e-Commerce Solution. All inclusive

Web constructor

Planning the optimal structure for your business goals in conjunction with CRM without unnecessary integrations. Banza-constructor allows you to embed any elements into the interface, even charts and widgets

Online store

Provide customers with the best conditions for online interaction with you 24/7, without being tied to locations. PWA technologies will provide convenient use from a computer and from a smartphone

Built-in CRM Creatio

Manage the catalog, staff, customer journey, have always up-to-date data in the system and set up personalized communications

The united database

  • one system
  • Customer portrait 360
  • Catalog of goods and services
  • Sales and deep segmentation
  • Preferences and reviews
  • History of orders and communications

Easy online store management

  • User-friendly interface
  • Analytical CRM system
  • Dashboards in 2 minutes
  • Sales funnel, percentage of final conversion
  • Content management, web forms, catalog
  • Launching promo pages without a developer

Loyalty and communication programs

  • Segmentation with RFM Analysis
  • Built-in mechanics to attract and retain
  • Types of incentives: bonuses, discounts, coupons, cashback
  • Setting up incentive conditions: periods, target audience segments, products, brands, services, by type of card, payment, amount, frequency of purchases, etc.
  • Communications: chat bots, e- mail, SMS, instant messengers
  • Affiliate Coalition Loyalty Programs

Why trust us your projects?

Free start

Pay as you go - pay only with the start of the project

Team involvement

We share expertise

Non-template development

Ergonomic design for your tasks

Test access

Monitor the result in real time

Training and support

Consulting, mentoring and technical support

Transparent conditions

Agreement with warranty and obligations


Grow the pace of your business without limits. The complex already provides horizontal and vertical scaling, system fault tolerance

Low-code technologies

Unload your IT department. You can adapt the interface, launch promotions, manage analytics and much more without a developer

Minimum integrations

You don’t need to rack your brains over integrating your web platform with CRM. We did it for you. Get a built-in business management system

Stages of creating your e-Commerce platform

01. Research

We study your business, industry, competitors, audience, form with you the tasks of the site and business goals you want to achieve

02. UX / UI

We fix the functionality and structure of the site, develop a user-interface that directs users to conversion

03. Configuration

We create a site with interactive design, dynamic elements and adaptive layout. We will remind, CRM is already built in

Do sales, not integrations

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