Banza IT Company is a leading developer and integrator

of CRM & BPM Solutions, Web- & Mobile Apps

We are from Ukraine, Creatio vendor natives and TOP-partners. Through unique synergy of technologies, low-code process management and our expertise, we help to innovate business easily and drive industries’ digital transformation. Accelerate your sales, banking, logistics, manufacturing and customer service with our low-code IT-solutions.

Banza flagship automation products:

BANKING: Omni channel front office and contact center management, loans processing & monitoring, collection management, chat bots, loyalty programs, portals, other web- & mobile apps.

RETAIL: sales and service management, field force management, tracking and analyzing customer interests and buying behavior, loyalty and reward programs with different rules & mechanics, personalized communications (SMS, e-mail, messengers, chat bot, contact center), tenders platforms, etc.

MANUFACTURING: service desk, web-portals.

We are cool IT band with:


200 employees (developers, analysts, QAs, sales and marketing team)

20 years of expertise

own R&D center and Apps Marketplace

trust of European and Asian Enterprise Companies

unique synergy of technologies

low-code process management and our expertise

We live the time of transformation at hyperspeed. Today, a long swing for business is an illicit luxury. Therefore, relying on reliable partners, you can easily adapt and implement almost any idea in your business in a matter of days. You don't need a degree in programming. I'm delighted to see how much we have helped the Client. The synergy of CRM & BPM technologies makes life easier and more profitable for our Partners, brings well-being to their Clients, and the result of comfortable interaction of employees at all stages of the business process doesn't force to wait.

Victoria OmelchenkoCEO


Looking forward to discuss our cooperation options:

  • Ready-to-use or individual solutions for your business on Creatio platform
  • Creatio Marketplace products integration, adaptation and development
  • Banza experts out stuff
  • T&M, support and maintenance of implemented projects


in the market solutions

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