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Banza is a resident of IT cluster “Transcarpathia”

We are pleased to announce that Banza has become a resident of IT Cluster Transcarpathia – business IT-community in Transcarpathia, which started work in April 2022 to support ukrainian economy during the war. Through the creation of various projects within the community and active interaction with central and local authorities, educational institutions, various types of businesses and organizations, the region can become the new technological center of Europe.

The main purpose of the cluster is to create an environment for comfortable and productive work of IT community in Transcarpathia through the development of business, education, IT infrastructure and ecosystem.

What IT Cluster Transcarpathia has done in two months:

  • Opened a charity IT.CT Foundation
  • Held a charity mini-football tournament “AFU Cup”
  • Became a partner in IT Research Resilience research together with Lviv IT Cluster
  • Joined MiniBoss Business School Startup Forum 2022

What they’re working on now:

  • Development of educational IT programs and their integration
  • Opportunities to create Creation of a science park in Transcarpathia
  • Development of IT campuses
  • Charity Startup Festival
  • Loyalty Program
  • Startup Foundation
  • Mental Health. Rehabilitation centers