Guide your customers through all the stages of the funnel: from identifying needs to transferring in sales. With Marketing Creatio, sales managers will be able to focus only on qualified, ready-to-sell leads.

User-friendly interface


Enjoy working in the simple Marketing Creatio interface. Find the right function and information without thinking – with the application it’s equally convenient to work on a computer, tablet and smartphone. Due to the contextual output of information on the screen, there will always be only those data that are important for the current task, focusing you on the essence.

Product review

Marketing Creatio allows b2b and b2c companies to determine customer needs, assess maturity and accompany them until the purchase.

With the reference process, you will be able to go through all stages of work with the customer’s needs: from lead qualification to the start of sales.

Use analytics tools: quickly assess the dynamics of new leads and the effectiveness of their increase.


In Marketing Creatio, you can build your target audience and launch a newsletter in just a few clicks.