Front Office

A solution for banks that automates the work of a bank’s operational front office. Registration and support of transactional and other banking products. The solution allows you to receive and register information about the client’s needs.

  • Product and Service Consulting Management
  • Registration and maintenance of accounts, cards, deposits, transfers, insurance products for legal entities and individuals

Omnichannel Contact Center

Automate the work of the contact center and increase the efficiency of sales in banking products. The solution allows you to get information about the client, build personal communications and optimal steps at the stage of selling and cross-selling.

  • Telephony, video calls, e-mail, instant messengers, chat bots
  • Online self-service, personal account
  • Consulting and managing client requests
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of bank managers
  • Organization of the manager’s workplace


Identify and grow the needs of bank or MFI clients. Use data from various sources (social networks, email, website etc.), conduct effective campaigns to attract customers.

  • Planning and Marketing Calendar
  • Customer segmentation
  • Omnichannel campaigns
  • Analytical CRM
  • Email, SMS, instant messengers, ATMs, chat bots
  • Event management
  • Analyzing campaign performance

Debt collection

Conduct a convenient register of debts. Analyze statistics on repayments and responsible persons.

  • Access to the portrait of the debtor 360
  • Debtor base segmentation
  • Formation of collection strategies and launch conditions
  • Customize specific action steps
  • Control of promises of the debtor
  • Electronic document management
  • Transfer to external collection agencies
  • Assignment of rights of claim

Credit Conveyor

Automate the entire lending process: from applying and checking data to issuing a loan. The solution supports work on various loan products for individuals and legal entities.

  • Loan application processing
  • Setting up approval processes
  • Queue management
  • Monitoring the financial condition of the borrower
  • Verification and underwriting
  • Selection of a package of documents
  • Setting up printable forms
  • Issuance of loans

Loyalty program

Engage and return customers, launch loyalty programs of any size

  • Customer Profile 360
  • Setting up incentive conditions: periods, segments, specific branches or online banking, by card type, payment, account amount, number of open accounts, etc.
  • Mutual exclusion and rule priority
  • Manage balances, cards, membership levels
  • Segmentation with RFM Analysis
  • Types of incentives: bonuses, discounts, coupons, etc.
  • Coalition and affiliate loyalty programs
  • Omnichannel communications