lending process automation

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Solution Lending contains tools to accelerate the setup of credit processes for individuals in the banking sector and financial institutions.

  • Lead case for financing
  • Case on application for consumer lending
  • Case for individuals for client
  • Pre-configured object model


  • Setting up the search results registry
  • Customize tabs and search fields
  • Copying search parameters to the individual card
  • Anonymous consultation
  • OTP code generation according to a given template
  • Checking the entered code
  • Storing the date of successful verification
  • Configuring verification scripts for various objects
  • Setting up a list of script questions and answer options
  • Configuring the display of information required to answer a question from fields / details
  • Displaying document files on the application page
  • Formation of printed forms from parts documents
  • Confirmation of the Seal and Signature of the document
  • Setting up a package of documents individual
  • Synchronization of up-to-date documents from persons to the application and from the application to individual
  • Setting up SQL macros
  • Setting up SMS templates
  • Storing and displaying in the SMS Messages section
  • Setting up an input mask for all fields of the Date type
  • Setting up an input mask for object fields
  • Configuring a business rule for applying an input mask on the section edit page
  • Ability to add organizational and functional roles to the queue team
  • The ability to limit the time for processing a queue item
  • Ability to distribute queue items among active employees
  • Ability to start / cancel the processing process
  • A standardized approach to implementing integrations
  • Query caching
  • Integration logging

Notes and Limitations:

Some features require additional integrations. Solutions for lending to legal entities are also available.

Compatibility with Creatio products

Product: Financial Services (customer journey)
Version: 7.12 and more
DBMS: MS SQL, Oracle

How to set up the app

  • Configure the product and its parameters
  • Configure client search parameters
  • Configure mobile verification parameters
  • Configure scripts for claim verification by services
  • Set up synchronization of a batch of documents
  • Customize message templates
  • Customize input masks
  • Set up queues, processing times, distribution
  • Set up integration requests and logging