automation of loyalty programs of any complexity

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Loyalty – a loyalty program that allows you to increase profits, involve and return your customers. We realize an automation and implementation for any industry, for B2B and B2C companies.

additional % to profit

due to the growth of the average check and number of repeat purchases

launch mechanic without developer

connect a loyalty program without IT specialists

increase brand awareness

making your customers not only loyal, but also happy

Compatibility with Сreatio products

Product: Sales, Marketing
Creation version: 7.12 and higher
DBMS: MS SQL (Creatio), MySQL Percona (processing center)

Online demonstrations and on-demand assessments are available.

Flexible tools and functionality

client profile 360 and RFM

complete history and analysis of interaction

any mechanics

for purchasing activities and actions outside the purchase, referral program

cards management

plastic, virtual, levels and statuses


sms, e-mail, chat-bot, messengers, mobile application, check printing, messages for operators

rules management

priority and mutual exclusion of rules

any promotions

bonuses, discount, coupons, special offers from partners of the coalition loyalty program

Variety of Loyalty mechanics

Look at yellow price tags with special offers

Yellow Price tags

Special price for certain goods and services

Alex, you have 500 bonuses for your birthday 🙂 Celebrate it with your loved ones in our restaurant a week before and after your birthday, and additionally receive compliments from the Chef.

Significant Events

When making a purchase on a birthday, or any other set event, the customer receives an additional reward in the form of bonuses or discounts

Hot prices on Black Friday! Only 29.11 -40% on all smartphones, don't miss it!

Make an order from 15:00 to 17:00 - more profitable by 20%

Happy hours

When purchasing a given date of the month, day of the week, or period, the customer receives an additional reward in the form of bonuses or discounts

Sorry, for technical reasons the discount on jeans wasn't taken into account. An additional 200 points have been credited to your account for your next purchase. We are waiting in our stores at any time.

Convert Discounts to Bonuses

In case of disconnection of the POS-terminal with the processing center, it is possible to convert the unrendered discount in the form of bonuses at a given factor

We noticed, you have already 2 items in the shopping basket, choose 1 more and get a 10% discount on all orders

Cascading Promotions

additional reward depending on the quantity of the bought goods, lines of the check

Every third pizza as a gift!

Virtual Reel

Providing bonuses or additional discounts on the next product in the cart

Congratulations, you have made your fifth purchase of the season and received 100 bonuses! Bonuses are active until the end of the year.

Happy Check

With each N-th purchase, the buyer receives an additional reward in the form of bonuses or discounts

Cheaper together! Save by choosing a kit!

Combination of Goods

Buy a set of goods and receive an additional reward for the whole set in the form of bonuses or discounts

Encourage customers for actions outside of the purchase

accrue bonuses for registration, questionnaires, participation in the referral program – for an invited friend, in events, useful feedback on the site, in social networks.

Full management of rules for promoting

for selected customer segments

bonuses or amount of discount, coupons

all or some sales locations, online store

on goods, categories, brands, services

accrual and write-off period

by card type, payment method, purchase amount / commission


user-friendly interface

to customize rules of any complexity in a few steps

simplified integration

ready API for any front system, import, export of data

virtual cash register

to test the rules

modular licenses

allow you to buy only those features that are planned

sharding technology

without declining performance due to large amounts of data


provides security

We are driven by the success of our customers

new buyers
launched shares
total purchases
implementation localization

Engage and reclaim yours clients

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