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1500 participants in 10 days are registred on the National Platform of Food Security from SSUFSCP

The National Platform of Food Security is a project of the State Food and Consumer Service that allows get information about ensuring of food supply in Ukraine.

The country’s food security depends on the operational cooperation of various participants in the process: government, business, international organizations and other sides. Therefore, the State Food and Consumer Service has launched a centralized platform to automate the management of food needs and humanitarian aid. It was created to unite the efforts of food manufacturers, international organizations, trade networks for the development of the Ukrainian economy during the war. Through it, you can inform market participants about their needs, as well as inform about available offers.

To implement the project, Terrasoft provided free licenses to use the Creatio platform. The solution’s setting, also on a volunteer initiative, in a few days were done by Banza team , a leading partner of Terrasoft in Ukraine and around the world.

“Using the platform, you can quickly generate the need for certain goods and see the proposals of other market participants. At time when every minute counts, we've created a tool that helps to provide our Armed Forces and our population with the most essential products. We invite agricultural companies, manufacturers, trade networks and authorities to use this platform actively"

Anatoliy VovnykActing Head of the State Food and Consumer Service

The functionality of the platform will help you to:


  • Organize operational work (food manufacturers, trade networks, international organizations, military administrations) in one place
  • Accelerate the process of providing food and basic necessities (residents of communities, the Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense Forces)
  • Monitor the condition of food supply
  • Analyze deficit positions
  • Have direct contact between the buyer and the supplier
  • Conclude agreements between the buyer and the supplier
  • Order logistics services
  • Have access to government orders online
  • Stimulate the country’s economy in wartime

"The clarity and coherence of the actions of all participants in the extremely difficult supply process during the war is almost the only chance to overcome the humanitarian crisis. We didn't hesitate for a moment and joined the initiative for our present and future."

Victoria OmelchenkoСЕО Banza

The initiative has already include 1500 participants: public authorities, volunteer organizations, food manufacturers and retail companies. The functionality and capabilities of the platform are growing every day. Using of the platform and registration are free.